Produced by: James Raymond, Daniel Garcia and David Crosby

Recorded and Mixed by: Daniel Garcia

Mastered by: Doug Sax and Robert Hadley at The Mastering Lab - Ojai, CA

Recorded at: The Bamboom Room - Altadena, CA; Groove Masters - Santa Monica, CA; Radio Hill Recorders - Los Angeles, CA; Rumor Mill Recording - Santa Ynez, CA

Additional Recording of Wynton Marsalis on “Holding On To Nothing” by: ‘The Jedi Master’ Jeffrey Jones at Jazz At The Lincoln Center, New York, NY

Additional Recording of Todd Caldwell on “Time I Have” by: Kevin Madigan at a club somewhere in the Southern U.S.

Additional Recording on “Set That Baggage Down” by: Shane Fontayne

Assistant Engineers at Groove Masters: Rich Tosi, Bil Lane, Glen Suravech, Eddy Santos

Studio Manager at Groove Masters: Ed Wong

Piano Tuner: Michael Kemper

Cover Photo & Page 12: Django Crosby

Photo on Page 2: Buzz Person

Photos on Pages 3, 6, 9: Daniel Garcia

Photo of David Crosby on Page 9: Stacia Raymond

Art Direction & Design: Brian Porizek

Publicity: Michael Jensen, Jensen Communications, Inc.

Publishing: Stay Straight Music is administrated by Sony/ATV

Management: Cree Miller and Donald Miller