Just Like Gravity

July 2001

Cut loose from the artistic shackles of Crosby, Stills, Nash, and sometimes Young, David Crosby cuts loose with this side project. The one-time Byrd is more animated and less vocally constrained here than when he sings with the old gang, taking more creative risks and pushing his gorgeous voice to new heights and depths of emotion. CPR's third album (the group also features Crosby's son--keyboardist James Raymond--and guitarist Jeff Pevar) is a rich collaboration, with the three musicians penning many of the dozen songs together. But the best track is "Jerusalem," an anthemic, quasi-New Age spiritual penned by Raymond. Crosby's "Kings Get Broken" is almost painfully self-revealing, but succeeds because of its unflinching honesty. This is a grand effort. --Jaan Uhelszki (copyright Amazon.com)



Map to Buried Treasure Play Track
Breathless Play Track
Gone Forever
Eyes Too Blue
Kings Get Broken
Angel Dream
Katie Did
Climber Play Track
Coyote King
Just Like Gravity

David Crosby: vocals, acoustic guitar (5,7,10,12), electric guitar (6)

Jeff Pevar: vocals (1,3-11), acoustic guitar (1-4,9,11), electric guitar (1-4,7-10), mandolin (5,10), nylon string guitar (5), 6 & 12 string electrics (6)

James Raymond: vocals (1-11), piano (1-2,4-5,7-11), moog bass (1), marimba (2), synths (2,4), hammond organ (3,8,9), percussion (4), harmonica (5,6), acoustic guitar (6)

Steve DiStanislao: drums (1-11), percussion (5,10,11), vocals (6,8)

Andrew Ford: bass (2-5,7-11)

Jamaica Rafael: pizzicato violin (2)
Leland Sklar: bass (6)

Steve Tavaglione: alto flute (11)