David Crosby Preview Track – What’s Broken - MOJO Magazine

by Danny Eccleston - MOJO

20 YEARS SINCE his last solo album, A Thousand Roads emerged, CSN&Y’s unwise Buddha David Crosby has another ready to roll. CROZ is due on Blue Castle Records on January 27, 2014, and MOJO can exclusively reveal evidence of its excellence in the shape of vanguard track What’s Broken.

Written by Crosby’s musician/producer son James Raymond, it channels the jazz haze and beatific/melancholic gleam of the best of his dad’s inimitable work, interweaving allusions to a personality type, “dodging kindness like golden arrows”, who seems somehow rather familiar. A collaborating Mark Knopfler plays guitar gorgeously and Cros Snr sings like a dream.

Check it out for yourself…

Crosby père et fils made the album together in the latter’s studio, living and breathing the songs.

“I’d sleep there on the studio couch and [James] would make me breakfast and we would get up and go to work, writing, recording and experimenting,” David told MOJO.

The album release is accompanied by a full-on interview in MOJO magazine, reliving the former Byrds star’s white-knuckle ride through drug battles, prison trials, health perils and his current, parlous financial situation, which are addressed in typically frank and witty style.

“If you lay down a line of coke on that computer right now,” he tells MOJO’s Sylvie Simmons, “there’d be a David-shaped hole in the wall. I’d run that fast.”